When it comes to vegan-friendly Thanksgiving dishes in Baton Rouge, most vegans have to fend for themselves at home. Many store-bought items are either made with dairy products or include meat. Thankfully though, local and national bloggers are sharing vegan-friendly recipe ideas just in time for the holidays. Here are nine recipes to make at home this Thanksgiving.


Who needs a turkey when you can have a delicious, juicy whole roasted cabbage? This plant-based recipe is a fun alternative to traditional meaty Thanksgiving entrees. Give the cabbage a festive look by surrounding it with colorful seasonal produce and fresh herbs. 

Thanksgiving cooking doesn’t have to take all day. Make this gluten-free pasta salad in less than an hour for a last-minute healthy dinner entree. 

Win over your family’s heart (and stomachs) with these filling plant-based lasagna stuffed shells. This easy-to-make dish includes vegan-friendly ingredients like ground plant protein, pasta sauce, dairy-free mozzarella and tofu ricotta. 


Take standard mac ‘n’ cheese up and notch with these baked acorn squash stuffed with vegan mac and cheese from local favorites Cultured Guru. The cheesy bites are packed with flavor. 

There’s no denying it, green bean casserole is a holiday staple. This vegan green bean casserole, however, is a holiday must. Made with a creamy white wine sauce and homemade crispy fried onions, this savory side dish will make the rest of the sides look basic. 

You can’t go wrong with bread. Crank up the oven and bake these buttery, flaky, taste-too-good-to-be-vegan biscuits. Top them with non-dairy butter, jam or vegan gravy for added flavor. 


What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without a pie? Wow the dinner guests with a stunning vegan oat crust pumpkin pie. The dairy-free pie has all your favorite things from a traditional pumpkin pie: a crisp and sweet crust, fragrant spices and a smooth pumpkin filling. 

From sweet potato pies to good old fashioned candied yams, there’s nothing like the taste of sweet potatoes after a savory meal. Instead of baking a pie this year, satisfy your sweet tooth with these sweet potato “cream cheese” muffins

Who says you have to be traditional? Be creative and make these raw vegan, gluten-free dessert bars by 225‘s own contributing photographer, Taylor Moran. The recipe includes peanut butter, bananas, oat flour, maple syrup and coconut sugar. 

Vegan Thanksgiving dishes to make at home for the holidays

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