A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Minimalist

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50 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Minimalist

  1. I allow my journey to be imperfect. For me, I focus on doing what I can in the moment and doing it with compassion and mindfulness at the center. How do you practice sustainability or minimalism in your life? What changes have you made or want to make to be more eco-friendly?

  2. I'm in love with your journey. 🙂 I don't have a vegan/fruit diet, but I'm particularly interested in how you go about your day — just chill, relaxed and calming. Really helps put things into perspective.

  3. I think charcoal soaps are not necessary in skincare. Our skin is a strong natural barrier that we just need to keep hydrated and moisturized. Instead of charcoal soaps, maybe it's better to use a basic moisturizing soap that is fragrance free, dye free, and sulfate free (things that make the soap bubble strip away the protective mantle of the skin). Manufacturers use chemicals, which disrupt the ph level of our skin, to be able to harden soaps into bar forms. I personally use a refillable bottle pump for my soap.

  4. Using the toliet pollutes the world and it is horrible for our environment. What I do Is Incompost my poop so that it turns into soil . very possible 🙂

  5. what do you use for detorant? i have extremely sentitive skin and even natural vegan stuff make my pit itchy. i bought salt water detorant but it gives me a slight itch and my pit starts to smell after a while.

  6. you really don’t seem like the type of person to revert back, but if a raw fruit diet starts to cause any complications please please please don’t go back to eating animals – just introduce more veg & grains into your diet. as a vegan, i just worry that other people will see you eating that way, try it (without educating themselves), get sick & then blame veganism. this isn’t coming from a place of criticism, but genuine concern for the animals. my dream is to live in a loving world where every living being can live out their lives free from exploitation and unnecessary suffering.

    i trust that you will do right by your body, the animals, and the earth <3 i am so inspired by you & the minimalist lifestyle and have been taking notes on your videos:) i am so thankful that you are sharing part of your life with us and paving the way for more people to take steps towards zero waste/minimalism. thank you, beautiful human. namaste 🌸

  7. Electric cars are the biggest fraud in the environmental industry so far. It just boggles me that people still support this as being better. We already have the technology to make cars that run on water, but it means that some big influential companies will loose money, and they won't let that happen.
    Also eating animals that are able to turn areas not sustainable for growing "our" food, into nutrition for us (meat) is actually sustainable living.
    What's not sustainable, is the big industrial keeping of animals for food.
    If everyone turns vegan, there will not be enough soil to sustain everyone. Growing vegetables means killing everything that might be a treat, like insect or even bigger animals like deer, birds, and all other vegetable eating animals.
    Also its a monoculture, so not really good for the planet either.
    Indoor growing is actually a good idea for growing vegetables sustainably. Aquaponics is also good, as it cleans water while growing food.
    And whenever you go for a special diet, like fruit or vegetables, you really need to learn about nutritions, to be able to eat a sustainable and healthy meal.
    Many fruits and vegetables are actually been transported half around the world and that isn't always sustainable living.
    So trying to survive on a diet that is locally grown, might be pretty limited, but if you can add meat from sustainable farmers, you will be able to have a pretty minimalistic impact on the environment.

  8. I do not like this video very much. The advantage of it is that it shows how beautifull green living can be. However the disadvantage it that it tells you nothing about the PHILOSOPY of sustainable life. So this is essential a green influencer showing green products why I had expected some more depth.

  9. I watched a investigative journalist for CBC ( a Canadian news channel) do some research on Chia seeds and apparently they arent as nutritious as people are led to believe. Of course, I always think its best to do research for ones elf but if thats something that surprises you and maybe you havent heard more than what is advertised, I suggest looking into it. Maybe it would be a good thing to do a video on, on what you eat and why. I know the what I eat in a day is taken a little overboard but i actually am interested on what you decide to eat as you seem to be a lot more mindful about that versus the average individual

  10. Just wanted to say that before you go vegan or change your diet in general, ask your doctor if they think your body can do this certain diet and for how long. I tried going vegetarian for 2 weeks (not even vegan) and I started having imbalance and a fainting feeling. Turned out that my iron levels were extremely low, even before starting the diet, so at that point, for me, a vegetarian diet was forbidden. After that, I believe balance is everything and we shouldn't do a certain diet just because it's popular right now