How to make the best Yorkshire puddings – BBC Good Food

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22 thoughts on “How to make the best Yorkshire puddings – BBC Good Food

  1. One can tell, that you lots are no real cooks! You don't say we put it in a "really" hot oven… you must say what t e m p e r a t u r r r r e e e e !!

  2. Best tip I can add to this – half a teaspoon of mustard powder in with the flour. Gives nice colour and an extra savoury flavour to the finished product.

  3. 210 and 200 degrees celsius are contovertial because of the time of cooking and how it affects the final result. not to mention longer cooking times when using a lower temperature.however, using 20 minutes as a benchmark for a comparison, and in a fan oven btw, ive had better results for raising the pudding at 200 celsius and cooking for another 5 minutes.(no peeking)
    Both temps still give good results depending on preference. leaving them to stand(outside of the tin) for a time will allow the batter to expand internally, making the texture more like a bread loaf, rather that greasy and doughy.mmmmm💟💟💟

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