Malaysian Curry Chicken | Kari Ayam [Nyonya Cooking]

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37 thoughts on “Malaysian Curry Chicken | Kari Ayam [Nyonya Cooking]

  1. Hello there, i am from the Philippines and i want to recreate your chicken curry recipe. By the way, is the suace similar to the one used in the Eurasian-style Curry Debal? I noticed that the differences were the addition of coconut milk, curry powder, curry leaves and absence of fresh chillies.

  2. I spent a month in Malaysia trying all sorts of variations cuisines from Malay, Chinese, Indian and all the fusions you can make out of the three. I absolutely fell in love with the food and now im craving it back here in Europe. That led me to your channel. Great job you did! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe so now I can make it and transport into the amazing South-East Asia. 🙂

  3. Assalamu elikum Nyonya, I sometimes watch your receipes but after seeing quite some of your cooking , I find that it is mostly similar to the Indian cooking receipes, from quite some time I was wondering how to integrate soy sauce ,fish sauce into my Indian regular meals, as I was found of both these ingredients and I am happy to find out that Malaysian cooking has all answers to my questions. Can you please write which brand soy sauce or fish sauce do you use in your cooking. Do you always use salt in your cooking because I heard that Asian people or people in Malaysia mostly use fish sauce in place of salt, is it true? you can email me if you like to. Allah Hafiz and Thank you.

  4. The chicen nowagays cook very fast, 40 minutes will break them up beore the potatoes are done. I raise my own kampung chicen to cook curries, it is a bit tougher

  5. I rarely made any comments on youtube but I feel that I have to do it here. Moved to Europe a few years back and survived by watching your videos! I tried a few recipes and all succeeded. Though far away from home, the food makes me feel just like home!!! Thank you for the wonderful videos you’ve shared with us!

  6. I‘m from Singapore, living in Munich now. I‘m going to cook asian food for a birthday party and I‘m going to use your recipe. I do miss asian food and your videos are easy guides!

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