Mary’s Hot Cross Buns recipe – Mary Berry’s Easter Feast: Episode 1 – BBC Two

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20 thoughts on “Mary’s Hot Cross Buns recipe – Mary Berry’s Easter Feast: Episode 1 – BBC Two

  1. i just made these, and want to say that the recipe on the website leaves out the second proving, before you shape the buns.
    but I recommend including it because they took ages to rise
    but the end result was superb, of course!

  2. Nice example of Yeast Bread used to celebrate the 4
    positions of the sun god, and the fertility goddess Ishtar=Easter all in the
    name of “Christianity” …. on the week of Unleavened (un-yeast) bread… these buns
    will go great with the ISHTAR=EASTER HAM completing the rebellion against The
    Creators instructions on what we can consume.

    Matt.7:14 “For the gateway to eternal life is very narrow,
    the road is difficult and only a few will ever find it.”

     Get out of
    religion, and into the one everlasting covenant [Matt.5:17-20](by the one door=
    Yahushua(AKA Jesus)= YHWH(GOD) in the flesh according to Isaiah 9:6) obey the
    covenant terms to the end( see the self-=proclaimed “Apostle” Paul for what he
    is, the sower of tares(Matt.13:25)…Life is a loyalty test…remember Eve. To the
    one who Overcomes (overcomes disobedience to YHWH(God’s) Law), goes eternal
    Life with The Creator…no one will be saved by grace beloved. Hot Cross buns…just
    more lies from our fathers y’all. Be ready to meet your Maker by living out
    every word He has given us…see Deut.13 to know we are being tested in what we
    call the “NEW” testament…. Paul is that test!

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