If the New Year has you considering adding plant-based meals into your diet repertoire, these thirteen plant-based dinners are going to fill your plate with the wholesome goodness you are desiring. Plant based diets are now considered to be one of the biggest, upcoming food trends of the new decade. Are you on board with plant-based eating or are you keeping your meat and potatoes close?

The surge in popularity of plant-based diets has been on the rise for some time now. Everything from spicy Brussels sprouts, cauliflower pizza and black bean tacos are showing up on menus everywhere. These are not New Year’s resolution diets, but a way of eating lots of folks, especially younger consumers, are moving towards.

The plant-based diet is not new in any sense, but has exploded from a niche industry, normally targeting vegetarians and vegans, into a mainstream lifestyle, targeting the general population. If joining the plant-based based movement or incorporating more plant-based meals into your everyday eating habits is looking attractive, I guarantee these thirteen plant-based dinners will have you loving a few meatless suppers.

Cathy Pollak founded the popular recipe blog NoblePig.com in 2008 while waiting for her first vintage wine to be ready for sale. Her Oregon winery, Noble Pig and blog under the same name keep her busy throughout the year. If she’s not in the vineyard you can guarantee she’s in the kitchen creating her next recipe.

13 Plant-Based Dinners Your Family Will Love

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