This is part of our Quarantine Cooking Recipe Series.

February is always cold, but coronavirus makes this winter especially challenging. If it seems like you’ve been cooped up forever, let our resident vegan domestic goddess offer some comfort. It’s no secret that Veggie Mama loves soup, and she offers three nutritious options in this edition of Quarantine Cooking. 

1. Carrot Ginger Soup

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Winter is the perfect time of year for all things soup. This go-to soup recipe is easy to make, delicious and healthy. Extra flavor comes from ginger and turmeric. The combination of ingredients makes for a nutrient-packed warming soup that will help you and your family stay healthy and satisfied this winter. Make extra-large batches of this carrot ginger soup, and freeze some for later. It’s nice to have a batch ready to go. However, you can easily halve this recipe for fewer servings. 

Click here for the full recipe. 

2. Hot and Sour Noodle Soup

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This recipe is a vegan spin on a traditional Chongqing hot and sour soup. It’s quick and easy to make and it’s blissfully spicy. (If you’re preparing the soup for a group you can add the spicy ingredients at the end and serve those who don’t like spicy food first.)  

This particular recipe uses chewy and delicious sweet potato noodles. These noodles are fairly easy to find in local markets. They are gray in color and hard as a rock. They will need a bit of time to soak before cooking but they are totally worth the effort. Just make sure not to overcook them because they will lose their wonderful texture.

Click here for the full recipe. 

3. Potato Leek Soup

Image by Lindsey Fine/That’s

It’s cold outside, but one thing I love about winter is cooking up hearty soups that steam up my kitchen and keep me full for days on end. Everyone loves this hearty potato leek soup recipe… especially kids! That’s why creamy soups like this have a prominent place at my winter dinner table.

This potato leek soup recipe will knock your winter fuzzy socks off. This soup is a cinch to make and can easily be stored for later, so you can heat and eat on a busy day.

Click here for the full recipe. 

This is part of our Quarantine Cooking recipe series – click here for more recipes. 

[Cover images by Lindsey Fine/That’s]

3 Nourishing Veggie Mama Soup Recipes – That’s Tianjin

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