This slow cooker chilli is a thing of beauty: a simple, hearty meal that can be happily consumed in front of Netflix, or served with nachos as party food. It also was pretty much made for the slow cooker (although you can cook it on a hob, too). The longer you stew it, the tastier it gets. Use a large-sized slow cooker here if you are feeding a large party, or a smaller size if you are making this recipe just for two. 

One thing needs to be said about the chilli, though: less is more here. This is a humble dish that does not require the addition of too many fancy ingredients. In fact, it doesn’t even need any vegetables added to it, apart from onions: forget carrots, sweetcorn, and peas (obviously, feel free to add them if you like them!). 

Slow cooker chilli: the laziest, tastiest dinner ever

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