Game On! will also include a virtual reality game room, traditional arcade room, and rental party rooms.

Fleming closed her fine-art photography and gift shop, Bonzeye Studio, late last year to focus on a new venture.

Construction is wrapping up, and Fleming and partners hope to host soft-opening nights weekly before setting a grand opening sometime in April.

Game On! is designed to get children of all ages and adults involved in fun, indoor activities involving both muscular and mental skills, Fleming said.

“It’s be-physical, run-around, use your bodies and then use your brain in critical thinking and problem solving,” Fleming said.

Noelle Schendzielos, her younger sister Sydney and their mother Erin Erickson began a vegetarian food regimen, meaning no meat products, four years ago.

More recently they went completely vegan, which means no meat nor dairy including cheese, eggs and milk products.

Noelle, a senior at Rapid City Stevens High School, decided to combine her love of cooking, preparing vegan meals not only for her family, but for others as well in a part-time business venture.

Her business, Allied With Animals: Vegan Food To Go, began preparing its first pickup meals last week.

It’s Game On for new indoor adventure center | Local

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