The debate on how you’re supposed to make Milo will probably last until the end of time.

Whether you chuck the milk in first and then the delicious, chocolatey mix or vice versa is your choice, however there is a group who has been excluded from this discussion: vegans

But these people will now be able to soak up the goodness that is a hot or cold Milo after Nestlé unveiled a plant-based version.

Credit: accidentallyveganaustralia/Instagram
Credit: accidentallyveganaustralia/Instagram

The vegan-friendly alternative has been unveiled very quietly, however people have started noticing the addition at their local supermarket.

Instead of the usual milk powders, Nestlé has replaced it with a soy protein isolate and soluble corn fibre and it still tastes just as good.

Thirsty Aussie vegans are recommended still to chuck in about three teaspoonfuls of the stuff in with some hot or cold soy milk and you’re as good as gold.

Credit: accidentallyveganaustralia/Instagram
Credit: accidentallyveganaustralia/Instagram

LADbible has contacted Nestlé for comment.

If you were interested in knowing whether you’re in the minority of majority when it comes to how you make your Milo, then keep reading.

Choice Australia put out a poll on Twitter to see which way reigned supreme and interestingly it was the ‘Milo on the Bottom’ people who won the majority.

That means chucking the Milo in first then your liquid of choice and then mixing it around with a spoon.

People have replied to the results, with one person writing: “You put it in the bottom with a dash of hot water to dissolve it, then put in the milk.”

Another added: “Bottom, but with a little bit of hot water to help melt it into the drink. Top is just asking for a Milo spoon sneeze in a cup.”

A third said: “Bottom. Anything else is unAustralian.”

Personally, I like to heat the milk up first in the microwave and then put the Milo in because it dissolves perfectly. But that’s just me.

So if you’ve been doing it the other way, might be time to mix things up and see what you’ve been missing.

Nestlé Has Released A Plant-Based, Vegan-Friendly Milo

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