Vegans rejoice!

Those who haven’t been able to enjoy the much-loved Kiwi drink, Milo, will be able to give it a try as Nestlé releases a plant-based, dairy alternative powder.

Nestlé has quietly unveiled the new product as they have been spotted on shelves across Australia.

However don’t get your spoons ready yet, as a Nestlé spokesperson confirmed to the Herald that vegan-friendly item won’t be available in New Zealand until early May.

Nestlé has replaced the usual milk powders with a soy protein isolate and soluble corn fibre — and it tastes the same as the delicious original.

Chocolate loving vegans are still recommended to heap in three teaspoons of powder in a cup (or bowl?) with some hot or cold soy milk.

Vegan Aussies have been in a frenzy since the news broke, with many taking to Twitter to share their excitement.

Last year Nestlé reverted back to its original chocolate malt recipe following four years of customer backlash after it changed the 80-year old recipe back in 2015.


Plant-based, vegan-friendly Milo to hit New Zealand shelves

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