Good morning. I don’t know if you went bulk shopping last weekend, but enough people were anxious and jittery at my local gigantimart this week to suggest that the next couple of days are going to continue to be doozies, with some piling up stacks of canned goods and packages of toilet paper; pounds of rice; shelf-stable milk; dried fruit and nuts; the makings of a modern pantry.

It is a natural, human reaction to the news of the day. There’s a virus afoot. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Cook for your family. Cook for your friends. Above all, cook for yourself. You’ll feel better for the activity.

Cook what? Have you made Margaux Laskey’s recipe for chicken Vesuvio yet (above)? Or Alison Roman’s spiced chickpea stew? They are hashtag delicious. As is Tejal Rao’s recipe for cannellini bean pasta with beurre blanc. As are these vaguely Vietnamese slow cooker pork tacos. You’re welcome.

I’d like to make some corned beef this weekend, so it’ll be ready for St. Patrick’s Day and the annual making of the Irish tacos with which I celebrate the holiday. Take that project on yourself, and I guarantee you’ll thank me. The difference between home-corned beef and the commercial variety is astounding.

And naturally I’d like to cook for the freezer, because sometimes the evenings go sideways, and it’s nice just to cook an already prepared meal: meatballs, for instance, and a mushroom lasagna; chocolate-chip cookie dough and black bean soup; cod cakes and bone broth; meatloaf and secret-weapon vegetarian stir-fry sauce.

Thousands and thousands of other ideas for what to cook this weekend are on NYT Cooking. Yes, you need a subscription to access them. Subscriptions support our work and allow it to continue. That’s it. That’s the whole argument. (Here’s our pitch.)

We commit food journalism all over the Internet, now. Have you visited our YouTube channel lately? Here’s a deep cut of one of our crew making fried fish tacos. You can find our work on Twitter as well, and on Instagram. Naturally, we’re on Facebook, too. Come see us there.

And do write for help if anything goes wrong, either with your cooking or our technology. We’re at We will get back to you.

Now, it’s nothing at all to do with food except that they are, like you, users of NYT Cooking, but this whip-smart Amanda Hess story about Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker is as sweet as a cake from Greenberg’s. (“With her windup impish curiosity and his reserved charm,” Amanda writes at the top of the piece, “they recall one of those adorable wildlife videos where, like, a coyote befriends a badger.”) On March 13, the couple open on Broadway in “Plaza Suite.”

Here’s a video recipe for a “brunch hack” — waffles made from strips of hot dogs, with a cheese-and-beer syrup. Horrifying. However: 10/10 would eat.

Please read, in the Bitter Southerner, Russell Worth Parker on Chris Stowe, a retired Marine who spent 19 years as an explosives ordnance disposal technician, and about the art therapy that saved his life.

My family won’t allow a smart device into the house for fear of companies creeping on us, but I recognize we’re probably in the minority. (I’d like to have one!) If you employ a voice-controlled assistant, and your kids have hijacked her once too often, here’s a delightful bit of service journalism from Jon Chase at Wirecutter: “How I Use Alexa to Dunk on My Kids.”

Finally, confidential to Canada: On Sunday, Melissa Clark and I will be onstage in Toronto with the journalist Chris Nuttall-Smith, as part of the Hot Docs festival, talking about the delicious. Come see us if you can. Regardless, I’ll be back in your inbox on Sunday.

What to Cook This Weekend

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