State regulators announced Tuesday that purveyors of beer, wine and liquor can deliver alcohol to customers 21 and older through April 17.

Liquor stores, brewers, wineries, bars, restaurants, clubs, convenience stores and grocery stores can deliver alcoholic beverages, according to a statement from the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission. The guidance issued by the ABLE Commission was in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The ability to deliver comes with some restrictions. Sellers are to take payment on delivery. The ABLE Commission specifically restricted online payments. Only employees of licensed businesses can deliver, no third-party services.

For brewers and wineries, they can only deliver their product. It must be sealed in original containers. Outlets such as bars, clubs and restaurants can only deliver sealed packages of beer and wine. Grocery and convenience stores, similarly, can deliver closed containers of beer and wine.

ABLE Commissioners advised license holders to keep an eye on gubernatorial orders and Oklahoma State Department of Health orders for ordered closures.

While grocery stores and convenience stores are considered essential, it was unclear whether liquor stores and brewers fall under that categorization in Oklahoma. 

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