Restaurants are struggling right now. State mandated stay at home policies mean restaurants are either unable to operate at all or have had to switch to offering take out only. Either way, the staff are hurting, and many restaurants are going to have trouble paying rent. The good news is there are plenty of ways to help out. Whether it’s buying their merch or gift cards directly from restaurants (Bon Appetit has a fantastic list), or supporting an existing or new non-profit (Eater has a fantastic list here), there is no shortage of ways, only a shortage of donations.

And while buying cookbooks from these restaurants is definitely not the answer to helping out your favorite restaurant in crisis, it has been a nice way for me to fill my time. With these cookbooks (in addition to donating!) I’ve managed to still feel connected to the restaurants I love. By attempting to cook some of the recipes in them, I have garnered a new, more profound appreciation for the meals they’ve served me, and just how much work goes into each one, from the cooking techniques, to the service and atmosphere surrounding it all. 

Here is a roundup of just a few of my favorite restaurant cookbooks from across the US. I hope this can be a starting point for you to seek out. If your favorite spot has gift cards for purchase or a fund to donate to, do it. And maybe on top of all of that, a cookbook allows you to try your hand at cooking their delicious food while stuck at home. 

The line for Sqirl wraps around Virgil Ave in Silverlake even before it opens. This book is an excellent way to delve into all of the rich, wonderful flavors California has to offer, even if you’re not there. And if you really want, you can have some Sqirl jam delivered to you, as well.

Gift Cards and Merch (and Jam) are available here

A Boat, A Whale, And A Walrus

This book from Renee Erickson of Walrus & The Carpenter (among others) in Seattle is a masterclass in seasonal, fresh cooking. There is an amazing zucchini bread recipe in here, and the manila clams make my mouth water just thinking about them.

Gift Cards and Merch are available here

In a city known for its Sourdough, the Mill never disappoints —and it’s as much because of the jams and preserves, as it is the toast. Learn how to make delicious bread while you have extra time on your hands with this book. It will guide you through the process and will fill your home with that fresh bread smell, too.

Gift Cards are available here

The Adventures of Fat Rice

Shaya in New Orleans, by Chef Alon Shaya was so good, I had to visit Safta in Denver too. Both were so good, I had to buy the cookbook to try to make the hummus and roasted cauliflower at home. I thought, no way it will be as good as it was at the restaurants. And it wasn’t but it was pretty close. Shockingly close. I can’t recommend this book enough.

Gift Cards are available here

More Great Restaurants Our Newsroom Loves:

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Mile End Deli

Russ & Daughters

Via Carota

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Best Restaurant Cookbooks to Use At Home

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