Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to put the entire country under a 21-day lockdown caught many off guard. Some hadn’t stocked up on essential supplies, and for others, ordering in has been the main source of nourishment.

Regardless, these trying times will place restrictions on the amount of perishable food they can keep at home. Even though the government promised to keep the supply of essential goods and services flowing, it’s recommended that you stay indoors as much as possible to avoid infection.

Thankfully, there are always substitutes that you can use to keep up the same level of flavour even without the real thing. It’s also important to use what you have available judiciously during the 21-day lockdown so that you can make your supplies last for as long as possible.

Only cook as much as you know you’re going to consume and keep it as healthy as possible, given the circumstances.

Here are some easy cooking hacks tailored for the Indian recipes to keep in mind as you enter the nationwide 21-day lock down:

Cooking hacks to save supplies during the 21-day Coronavirus lock down

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