Looking at the ‘most popular products’ among its customers, freeze-dry experts at European Freeze Dry have picked their top five picks for ingredients that they believe will grow in popularity among vegan shoppers.

“Working closely with our customers, our R&D team is continually looking at new products for this market, and to support our new product development we conduct market research, stage trials and hold taste sessions,”​ explained Sarah Lacey, the company’s development manager.

So, what are the top five? According to the company, we can expect to see more products on shelves that contain turtle beans, diced sweet potato, black-eyed beans, diced beetroot and caramelised onion.

Lacey told FoodNavigator that these ingredients are making their way into a wide range of applications, from noodle and rice pots to bread mixes, pot meals and ready meals. “This means they are ready to be used as ingredients in a range of applications be it sweet or savoury.”

Sustainable, healthy and natural innovation

According to Lacey, freeze drying technology offers product developers the change to work with ingredients that are sustainable, nutritional and natural – feeding into some key consumer concerns.

“We are working with customers to support their environmental and sustainability policies. They want less time dealing with waste, a reduced carbon footprint and a process that adds value to their green credentials long term,” she elaborated.

“Our freeze-drying technology supports this approach, and the results are prolonged shelf-life of fresh products, reduced food waste, with the structure of the food retained along with the flavour and nutritional value.

Five freeze-dried ingredients set to shake-up vegan NPD

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