Cardoz, in 2018.
Photo: Mark Abramson

The great chef Floyd Cardoz reportedly passed away, after testing positive for COVID-19. The cause of death was an infection, and the Indian news website Scroll reports that his family confirms the news, which first started circulating in the Indian media, after the author Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted about it. Cardoz was 59.

Cardoz had admitted himself to a hospital in New York after developing a fever, according to an Instagram post he put up on March 18. (That post was deleted and replaced by another.) The chef had been in Mumbai, where he ran the acclaimed restaurants Bombay Canteen and O Pedro, and had returned to New York on March 8. The Indian restaurant group Hunger, Inc., with which he ran his Mumbai restaurants, had put out a statement confirming that Cardoz had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Floyd Cardoz Passes Away After Positive Coronavirus Test

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