A lot of people live the vegetarian lifestyle but doubt if they get enough iron vitamins to stay healthy and active. How do you prevent an iron deficiency?

If you go to the supermarket or the town-market make sure you buy the right vegetables that give you loads of vitamins. Bring a big Kipling rugzak with you to take it all home. 

Iron vitamins are important to keep enough energy to lead your active life. Working, having children. It all takes a lot of energy. If you don’t get enough vitamins you get tired and feel miserable. As a vegetarian, you have to keep this in mind. 

Vitamins to prevent you from an iron deficiency

If you love sports you need even more. Going to the gym with your running shoes and sportswear in a weekendtas, you need more iron vitamins to keep up the good vibes. These vegetarian foods will give you enough iron vitamins to prevent you from an iron deficiency. 


Lentils contain a lot of iron vitamins. Four tablespoons of cooked lentils contain four and a half milligrams of iron. That is more than two-third a woman needs per day. 


Tofu is full of protein. It contains no fat and is a great substitute for meat. 


Cale gives you a big protein shot. And it contains a lot of iron vitamins. The reason why people eat this in wintertime when you can use a lot of energy. Especially when it is cold outside. 

Sesame seeds

Put them in your salads, muffins and use them when you bake your own bread. Also, add them in your stir-fries. 


It’s famous for it. Spinach contains a lot of iron vitamins. Think: Popeye, the strong sailor man! And it’s no fairytale. It is a healthy vegan. 


When eating nuts you get a lot of good vitamins. Especially pistachio. They also contain a lot of protein, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium.  

Iron is a mineral that you can find also in sweet potatoes, pumpkin and sun-dried tomatoes. You should bring your handy en specious Micmacbags to put it all in. Hang the bags on the handlebar off your bike and have a good ride home. Vitamin C helps you to take in iron minerals. A salade made out of spinach, lentils, beetroot, sweet potatoes, nuts, tahini, and honey contains loads of iron.  

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