Former Plainfield resident Sue Bressett, now of Texas, said she is the only person eating frozen meals and, even then, it’s only for days she works.
Bressett likes the frozen dinners by Atkins because they are portion-sized, keto-friendly, low in fat and sugar and high in protein.

Plus, the cauliflower is already riced, she said.

“Eating sandwiches every day with keto bread can be boring,” Bressett said.
Bressett doesn’t freeze meals at home because any leftovers are usually gone by the next day, she said.

Former Shorewood resident Debra Mooney, now of Dixon, dislikes cooking.

“To have a meal already made for me is really appealing,” Mooney said

Because she prefers healthy meals she shies away from the frozen food dinners of the past – although Mooney really liked the old chicken/mashed potato/corn combinations, she said.

Right now finances are right, but when they ease up, Mooney wants to try some of the offerings by bistro, Freshly, Magic Kitchen and Daily Harvest.
In the meantime, Mooney’s son stocked her freezer with frozen pizzas. And, recently, Mooney’s sister came to visit.

“She did all the cooking for me,” Mooney said.

Sally O’Neill of Joliet doesn’t use commercially frozen foods – or eat out – because of the allergies she and some of her family and friends have.

But to tap into the convenience of frozen, O’Neill “makes a little extra” when she cooks and freezes the rest.

In her 10 years of experience freezing, she’s found rice and pasta held their texture best if cooked and added when serving.

But chili freezes well (O’Neill freezes her in individual portions for greater convenience) as does bacon, cheese and egg – just toast a bagel and add the toppings, she said.

Be sure to label the freezer bag or container with the name of the item and the date, O’Neill said.

“And use it in a couple of months,” she added.

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