“Today we served them roasted rosemary chicken, butternut squash, candied pecans and country mashed potatoes,” said Stetins on Tuesday.

The vegetarian choice was just as appealing – sesame tofu with red bell peppers, pickled chilies, brassica and rice. Compline is committing to 50 meals a day at the Queen, and will also be providing 50 a day for OLE Health.

They are discussing the program with other hospitals and paramedics to see where it would make sense. The best part is that no one receiving a meal will be asked to pay.

“We posted on Facebook that people can sponsor this to help pay for the meals,” said Stamp. There is an “add to cart” button on their website. So far, a lot of people have sponsored both large and small amounts.

“We’ve had dozens of people order one or two meals, and that’s great,” said Stetins. Others have sponsored for larger amounts.

To date, “We have to thank Will Jarvis of Jarvis Winery, the Tom-Lares family and Dalla Valle Wines.” In addition, Naked Wines sponsored 200 meals. 

At this rate, the two Compline partners are likely to surpass the number of meals they can cook, but that’s part of the plan.

“Other restaurants have already offered to provide meals when we reach capacity,” said Stamp. “That way, they will be able to retain more of their staff, support their purveyors, and it becomes rinse and repeat.”

Downtown Napa restaurants pitch in during COVID-19 shelter-in-place | Business

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