Eliza Carter wrote the ultimate TV guide for sports fans with nothing to watch. Now, she’s written the ultimate guide for people with not much to do…

Morning workout

Do the following circuit 3x: 20 jumping jacks, take the heaviest thing out of your fridge and do 15 squats, 15 pushups, 30-second wall sit, 10 tricep dips on the nearest chair, and finish it off with a 30-second plank. 

Things to send your group chat

It hasn’t been updated for a bit, but the Instagram account @sand.isfying has a trove of oddly comforting videos of sand. If that’s not for you, try @seblester’s lovely calligraphy or @slimequeeens’s lovely slime. 

Work playlist

Tycho’s music makes me feel like I’m floating through the world on a cotton candy cloud…in a focused way. 

Lunch break, but make it productive

  • Stay up to date: Science writer for The Atlantic Ed Yong is an A+ Twitter follow and is doing a great job helping me wrap my head around the coronavirus crisis. 
  • Do good: Many American children rely on school for their meals…and schools are closing all over the country. No Kid Hungry is filling in the gaps, and you can contribute cash, stock, or even cryptocurrency. 
  • Level up: Adobe is offering two months of Creative Cloud, for free. Log enough hours on Premiere Pro and you’re legally permitted to preface all contributions to movie discussions with “As a filmmaker myself…” 

Dinner plans

Any other vegetarians out there—Cookie and Kate has simple, amazing recipes. I’ve fed them to omnivores, too, to rave reviews.  

Evening activities

  • No screen: Check out the NYT’s guide to mastering the basics of cooking. There’s a lot more to know about rice than I thought.
  • Screen: The Trickle Up, which launched Monday, allows you to watch performance videos (plays, comedy, puppeteering) for $10/month. All proceeds go to New York artists in need. 

Morning Brew’s Daily Quarantine Planner: March 27 

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