With the UK on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the only times many people venture out of the house will be to visit their local shop for much needed supplies.

But going to the supermarket right now can be a pretty stressful experience, what with some shelves being empty and having to stay two metres away from fellow shoppers at all times.

Thankfully many stores are now offering people the chance to have boxes filled with the essentials delivered straight to their front door.

High street retailer Marks & Spencer have just launched their own version, with prices starting from £30 and they’re giving elderly customers priority when buying them.

The boxes cost £30-£35 and contain food essentials

The boxes include everyday items such as toilet roll, tea, coffee, rice, pasta as well as tins of soup and baked beans.

There are also a few luxuries in there like Percy Pigs, shortbread biscuits, salted peanuts and chocolate buttons.

You can choose between two different boxes – a vegetarian one priced at £30 and one containing meat and fish which is an extra £5.

Those who want to get their hands on a box can order them online at marksandspencer.com.

M&S are giving priority for the food boxes to elderly customers

Priority online is being given to those aged over 70 with a Sparks card so that M&S can identify their age.

All of the boxes are limited to one per customer.

As well as the cost of the box, customers will also have to pay an additional £3.99 delivery fee.

The vegetarian box currently appears to be out of stock online, but the £35 one is still available.

Customers are warned that some of the items may change in the box for something of “equal quality and value” if the company experiences any difficulties or shortages.

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Coronavirus supermarket changes

This follows the launch of Morrisons food box last week.

The supermarket boxes contain a week’s worth of food and should be enough to feed two people.

The boxes also come in meat and vegetarian options and cost £30 plus £5 delivery.

What’s in them depends on availability – so it’s not one for fussy eaters – but essentials including pasta, rice, milk and canned goods like baked beans are there to get you though isolation with a full stomach.

New delivery slots are being made available everyday, but when we checked it was sold out – so you’ll need to be quick when they are released.

Morrisons also has a call centre opening on Monday, March 30, to let people make bookings over the phone.

“Our new Food Boxes are designed to provide you with everyday essentials, without needing to leave your home,” the chain explained.

“Our boxes contain £30 worth of groceries and we offer convenient delivery directly to your door for £5.”

Marks & Spencer is now selling £30 boxes filled with shopping ‘essentials’

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