Due to Heightened Demand as People are Cooking More at Home During COVID-19, Plant Jammer Now Offers Free Access

Plant Jammer, the artificial intelligence algorithm-based app that helps anyone cook a delicious plant-based meal with whatever is in their fridge and pantry, has experienced a surge in new users in the past weeks. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the app has tripled its user base with over 5,000 downloads each day. 

“We are always thrilled to see the demand for Plant Jammer grow. Yet these are unprecedented times in our history, and we wanted to help our community best way we knew how, by making the access to the tool that our customers are asking – for free,” said Michael Haase, Plant Jammer Founder. “Plant Jammer’s mission is to help people eat more of what they already have on hand and focus on plant-based meals to aid the health of not just people but also the planet. It has never been more important to be able to use more of what we already have in the fridge. We know that we can help to flatten the curve at least a bit by helping our global community to skip that extra trip to the grocery store. Making access to Plant Jammer free, we also hope to bring a bit of delight and playfulness back to people’s meal prep times.” 

How it Works 

Plant Jammer is essentially a private, plant-based chef in your pocket. The team worked two years on pairing up an artificial intelligence algorithm, which pulls data from over three million recipes, with insights from professional chefs. All one has to do is tell the app what ingredients are available. Plant Jammer is then able to build a recipe from those specific elements to result in a wholesome, tasty meal. There are countless recipes to explore, including stir-fries, soups, pizzas, pasta, salads, tacos, risottos, quiches, stews, casseroles, green meat, dips, and much more.

Plant Jammer’s technology makes it easy and quick to make a dish that’s new, delicious, and matches the ingredients you have in front of you.    

AI App Helps You Cook a Tasty Plant-Based Meal with Whatever is in Your Fridge

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