In a heartfelt opinion piece in the New York Daily News, Edie Falco wrote that she does not want her tax money to go to prop up or bail out the dairy farmers of upstate New York, as Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has said he is planning to do with $25 million.

Read on and see what you think. After pondering the situation we agree with her idea that perhaps the Governor can support farmers who want to grow almonds or peas, to create a pipeline for alternative plant-based milk that would last longer than dairy and be healthier for us and the planet. Currently, dairy products like milk and eggs are being dumped by farmers, since lack of demand means it’s all going bad. The closings of restaurants and schools, hotels and large office buildings have everyone suffering, and the dairy farmers are no different.

Edie Falco Writes:

Edie Falco Writes “Don’t Bail Out the Dairy Farmers,” Gov. Cuomo

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