Curry — you may think you’ve made it, but what you’ve probably done most of the time is just open a jar.

In an attempt to learn how to make a hearty vegetable dahl curry from scratch, comedian Matt Okine reached out to one of Australia’s top chefs, Christine Manfield.

A lover of spices, Christine has visited India on more than 40 separate occasions and is well versed on the array of flavours the country has to offer.

“By doing it ourselves we are getting maximum flavour.”

Australian chef Christine Manfield and Matt Okine in a kitchen about to make an Indian dahl recipe.
Australian chef Christine Manfield shows Matt Okine how to make a delicious curry without the jar of curry paste.(ABC)

And if you haven’t got one of those “fancy spice grinders” in your kitchen cupboard, Christine recommends just using “a bit of muscle power” and bashing the spices with the end of a rolling pin, or the bottom of a bottle or jar instead.

This delicious dahl can serve up to four people, and if you don’t eat it all, it reheats beautifully the next day.

All the dahl ingredients cost around $20 — and you’ll have heaps of spices and some veg left over to use for other dishes.

This recipe was originally made on Short Cuts to Glory, Matt Okine vs Food.

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This vegetable dahl is the perfect winter warmer

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