Supermarket shopping has changed drastically during the UK lockdown. Stores have been updating their rules and policies while shoppers get used to venturing out only for the essentials because of the coronavirus. However, with food being one of the main sources of joy as people stay at home, Aldi’s latest news about a returning product has made its customers very happy. 

The tongue-in-cheek Facebook post has already had over 10,000 comments and almost a thousand shares as customers delight at the news. 

One commented: “They’re fab. Aldi have the best range of Veggie/ Vegan options.”

Even non-vegetarians were excited to see that they were back. 

Another commented: “Great veggie and vegan options (and no we aren’t either). Really tasty… The no beef burgers are fabulous and these…. Some of the best out there.”

Aldi wrote on Twitter: “A takeaway-inspired treat without all the sins! Our Vegan Sweet Potato Burger is the perfect treat to indulge on this weekend.”

The store posted the full recipe, which serves four people, on its website. 

The supermarket has been sharing lots of memes and suggestions for “#lockdownlife” with ideas for how to have takeaway-style food at home by shopping its range. 

It has also been posting updates about its opening hours, which have been changing as lockdown continues, with the majority of stores now open until 10pm. 

Aldi delights shoppers by bringing back £2.29 halloumi burger

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