A delivery driver knocks on the door, sets down a rectangular cardboard box and – as lockdown etiquette dictates – steps back a few metres. Inside the box is everything needed to make four Patty & Bun burgers: four patties, a generous amount of streaky bacon, four buns, four slices of Red Leicester and a pot of Smokey P&B Mayo. Supplied by the London and Brighton-based burger group’s own butcher HG Walter and neatly presented on the same paper that Patty & Bun uses to wrap its burgers, the ingredients are identical to those used in the restaurants.

The only other things needed are a some baby gem leaves and few slices of tomato. The barbecue is fired-up (Patty & Bun’s printed method stipulates a ripping-hot frying pan, but the sunny day dictates otherwise) and in less than 20 minutes after the package arrives, near restaurant-quality burgers have been created.

The finished product is far superior to anything most people could make at home thanks to Patty & Bun providing both high-quality ingredients and distilling years of burger making know-how onto an A5 sheet (detailed building instructions help the burger stay together beautifully). Priced at £25 for four plus £6 for delivery, the burgers work out at about £7.50 each, roughly £2.50 less than in the restaurants, and have so far proven to be a popular affordable luxury, with Patty & Bun and HG Walter struggling to keep up with demand.

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While delivery per se is nothing new to the burger group, which has long offered its burgers through delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, the DIY nature of its latest venture is, and is one born entirely out of necessity. Patty & Bun, like every restaurant business in the country – from small independents right up to the largest of groups – saw its revenue stream turned off last month after the Government ordered a shutdown of businesses across the country, including restaurants and pubs, as the Coronavirus pandemic took hold.

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