MasterChef has been a dream for Perth’s Chris Badenoch — literally.

“When you go through a full season …it screws you up and you don’t stop dreaming about the thing for months,” he said.

“You keep having these dreams — if only I’d done this or if only I’d done that.”

While he was eliminated from the show in last night’s takeaway challenge for a vegetarian curry — a dish that is world’s away from the nose-to-tail philosophy of cooking he has become renowned for — Badenoch said he has no regrets.

“I always stand by whatever I cook, you make the decision in the heat of the moment and there is no point looking back and thinking ‘if only I’d done this or that’ because chances are it isn’t going to make a different anyway,” he said.

The chef and cookbook author is no stranger to MasterChef, coming third in season one a decade ago and competing in the all stars season in 2012. He also met his wife Julia Jenkins, a fellow season one contestant on the show, with the two opening a restaurant in Melbourne together before moving overseas.

The couple are back in Perth and tuning into every episode at home in isolation, a life Badenoch said suits them quite well.

“I work from home, and we’re always experimenting and trying new things in the kitchen so this is all quite normal for us,” he said.

Vegetarian curry dish sends Perth’s Chris Badenoch home in Masterchef take-away challenge

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