Two Sudbury brothers are hoping to cook up some support for the Sudbury Food Bank through their new virtual cookbook, What’s Your Dill?

Nick and Joel Mongeon are only in their early 20s, but they’ve put together a 62-page virtual cookbook filled with recipes for food and cocktails and they are selling it online. Copies are $18 each, but $10 from every purchase will go toward either the Sudbury Food Bank or the Montreal Restaurant Relief Fund (anyone who purchases a book decides where their money can go).

Nick Mongeon, 22, said he moved to Montreal earlier this year for work. When Canadians started becoming infected with COVID-19, and about a week before Montreal shut down, he decided to move back to Sudbury to be with his family.

And, like so many others who are physical distancing and staying home right now, he got bored.

“I’m the kind of guy who needs to be constantly working on something,” Nick said. “I was getting bored. My brother and I love cooking. We made dinner for our parents every night, and we started getting creative, then decided, why not put together a cookbook.

“It’s something we’ve been talking about for a while, and we figured, what better opportunity than now, we’ll never get this much time again.”

Nick said they enjoy the challenge of cooking, but the best part is the fact it brings their family together to enjoy some good food.

The virtual cookbook hasn’t even been on sale for a week yet. They are getting a lot of support from friends and family, and hope Sudburians will also like what they have to offer.

“You will get to learn something new by using these recipes, and they are for dishes you may not have had time for before the pandemic hit,” Nick said. “They aren’t really time consuming, but they do require a certain amount of commitment to them.”

Homemade gnocchi, for instance, is one recipe you will find within the virtual pages of What’s Your Dill. 

Most of the recipes are vegetarian, as Nick is vegetarian, but these recipes can easily include meat if that’s your desire, he said.

If you buy their cookbook, they’ll dish out donations to Sudbury Food Bank

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