DULUTH, MN – A first of its kind food truck in Duluth is getting ready to open despite the pandemic.

Mama Roots is offering 100% plant-based food and looking to bring something new to the area. In this Week’s Your Green Life, we learn more about the mission behind the new business.

Mama Roots will be operating out of what used to be a school bus. The vegan food truck will work with Whole Foods and local farms to create a menu all cooked from scratch.

This week the co-owners gave the old school bus a blue paint job. The owners say they want to be able to bring a new, healthy option of food to the area.

“Being able to extend the options in Duluth for vegetarian and vegan cuisine that is fun and different and unique, and isn’t just brown rice and vegetables. We love sauces and we love flavor. The goal is really to make food that satisfies all of your nutritional requirements,” Mama Roots Food Truck Co-Owner Melanie Hallstein said.

Hallstein says the menu will change every week. The food truck owners hope to open by the end of June. They plan to serve food safely.

Mama Roots vegan food truck preps for opening

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