Cooking for the Noori family has been a family affair for years.

But now the Noori’s are cooking up a storm for Tri-City health care workers.

“We are just trying to help them because they help us,” said Sadat Noori, whose father Zaman owns Denakis Mediterranean Grill in Port Coquitlam where 400 meals are being prepared for Eagle Ridge Hospital staff.

The idea was a simple one, but preparing 400 meals in a single go is not easy. Half the meals will be vegetarian, the other half chicken, with rice and vegetables, and all were delivered Tuesday to ERH.

“We’re all going together with families to deliver them,” Sadat explained.

The young man said they wanted to help others in this difficult time, even though Denakis has been closed to all except for take out for the past several weeks.

Originally from Afghanistan, Sadat and his sister Samira are inspired by their father, Zaman, who works for the Red Cross and often operates in war zone countries while his family takes care of the restaurant.

Although business has been down about 75% because of physical distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sadat said the family feels good about doing their part.

“If we help each other, it’s good.”

The 26-year-old reported later to the Tri-City News that he felt “very happy” to deliver the meals and received lots of thanks from health care workers who collected the bags outside the hospital on Tuesday.

“They said it was delicious and the biggest donation for them.”

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Port Coquitlam eatery delivers hundreds of meals to local health care workers

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