COMING up with a recipe for dinner each day is surely a challenge for many families but it’s not the case for Hervey Bay’s slow cooking queen Paulene Christie.


With about 600,000 Facebook followers from around the world and a passion for her subject Ms Christie is never lost for inspiration for new recipe ideas.


Her sixth cookbook in the Slow Cooker Central series, Slow Cooker Central: Ready, Set, Slow! has just been released by publisher Harper Collins and is testament to her dedication, offering 160 new tried and tested recipes.


This book she describes as an “all rounder”. Unlike some previous books that specialised in slow cooking for kids or budgets Ready, Set, Slow has a variety of foods for all needs – from breakfast to dinner, snacks, sweets and vegetarian. 


“I love finding new ways to prepare meals and desserts with slow cookers that others might never have imagined possible,” she said.


And with three children aged 6, 13 and 17 she has a good team of critics to judge her latest offerings.

Ms Christie said in her continual search for new dishes the biggest request from her kids was to be served old favourites.


When she’s not researching slow cooking recipes the mother of three works part time as a psychiatric nurse in Maryborough.


And despite her publishing success it’s a job she has no plans to give up.


“I like it. It was all the life I knew until recently,” she said.


“Writing a book wasn’t something I set out to do,” she said. “It’s just grown naturally.”


Slow Cooker Central: Ready, Set, Slow! is her sixth book in six years.


It is available from ABC Books stores.


Comfort food: Coast slow-cooker Queen releases sixth book

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