When faced with food shortages, as we have been in recent days, it can be easy to romanticize about the good old days. Grow your own. Raise your own. 

This week, Tamar Haspel offers an unvarnished look at what it really means to manage a backyard chicken coop. She’s all for it. It is worth it for the eggs, but, as she notes, you need to prepare for the responsibility, and you’ll need an exit strategy.

If the pandemic has you more eager than ever to support local farmers, Becky Krystal is with you. She’s a recent convert to those CSA boxes and this week gathered hot and cold recipes that make the most of shiny tiny tomatoes she found insider hers. 

Most of those tomato recipes are simple to make. That’s not surprising. Easy-does-it has been our mantra for weeks now, as we all cope with shuttered restaurants and stay-at-home orders.

Looking for an easy-to-make — and, bonus, gluten-free — treat? Becky whipped up a Bakewell Tart cookie bar that brings together those perfect-for-each-other flavors of almond and raspberry.

Mary Beth Albright pulled out her trusty sheet pan in her latest Quarantine Cooking video. Her recipe is more of a strategy and totally customizable. So, turn your oven to 400 degrees and dig in. And ask her anything you’d like — she’s going to join us today, and on future chats (we hope)!

Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger makes a quick-marinated salad that puts favorite spring vegetables – carrots, asparagus, peas and scallions — into one bright bowl.

I can never get enough one-skillet chicken recipes. This week, I made a garlicky dish from a roadside restaurant I love in South Louisiana. Try Mosca’s weeknight-easy Chicken a la Grande, which would look good on your Sunday table, too.

Joe Yonan took the hard work out of risotto with a Polish twist and a recipe for Barley Risotto With Asparagus, Cider and Goat Cheese.

Kari Sonde rounded up four ingredients — gochujang, horseradish, sumac and miso – that, with a dash or sprinkle, can add a big bolt of flavor to savory dishes. She’s got tips and recipes, too.

And, Becky, whose guides to substitutions have been invaluable through the pandemic — don’t miss her guide about what to do if you are running low on yeast — also shared a piece on how to make the most of your freezer, so you can squirrel away those great breakfast burritos she makes or any big-batch recipes. 

Still, if all the fast and easy has you yearning for a cooking project, Kari has you covered. This week she found a batch of mutli-step recipes for whiling away a lazy day.

And, heck, if you want something amazing, but just don’t feel like cooking … again. Take a break and consider. Tom Sietsema noted that mail-ordered iconic dishes offer a way to at least get a taste of favorite cities, and maybe you’ll have a few fewer dishes to do

Free Range on Food: We’re here to answer all your cooking questions and discuss making the most of your freezer, baking with less yeast, this week’s recipes and more!

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