Fusion Recipes: Surprise Your Kids With This Jalapeno Cheese Paratha (Recipe Video Inside)

You can serve it for dinner or lunch,

Remember the rush of happiness after biting into a toffee with chocolate oozing out or the time when you’d grab a bite of your sandwich and it would burst with cheese. Who does not like little surprises like that? Kids especially are very fond of surprises in their meals. While we agree that they are generally a little hard to please and fussy, but very few would say no to extra cheese. So why not sneak some inside their parathas? Yes, you heard us. Children share a love-hate relationship with parathas, hence it could be a good idea to make them finish their parathas for once.

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This recipe of jalapeno cheese paratha by famous food blogger and YouTuber Manjula Jain is ideal for days you are feeling a little experimental. Jalapenos have a rich, sour and hot flavour that cuts through the creaminess of cheese. Together they are a dream, which is why jalapeno is one of the preferred toppings on cheese pizza. The recipe posted on the YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’ is sure to strike a chord with kids and adults, alike. Make sure you are generous with cheese for extra brownie points. The loaded cheese paratha needs no accompaniments, however if you want you can pair it with tomato ketchup or any chutney or dip of your choice. You can serve it for dinner or lunch, make sure it is served hot for the best experience.

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Watch: Recipe video of jalapeno and cheese paratha.

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Fusion Recipes: Surprise Your Kids With This Jalapeno Cheese Paratha (Recipe Video Inside)

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