Crispy chicken and potatoes with cabbage slaw — I loved the dressing on this slaw, a sweet-tart vinaigrette with honey and ground cumin. Adding fresh mint from a backyard pot was a nice touch, too. If the weather’s cooperative, just grill the bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs instead of smoking out your kitchen.

Shawarma-spiced chicken pita with tahini-yogurt sauce — So, fine, there’s a lot of chicken in “COOK90.” But it’s relatively inexpensive and my partner likes it leftover, so here we are. I don’t think he got to these leftovers before I did — the spice blend on the chicken, with cumin, coriander, paprika, cayenne and cinnamon, is so aromatic, so good with that yogurt-tahini sauce, I wish I’d made a double batch. Serve it over rice if you, like us, don’t go through a package of pitas fast enough.

One-pot pasta primavera with shrimp — Made with freezer foods (shrimp, green peas, broccoli), lemon zest and multi-colored cherry tomatoes for sweetness and acidity, this one-pot pasta came together so fast, the rosé I’d set to chill when I started wasn’t cold by the time it was done. Yes, there are three tablespoons of butter in this. Yes, you will want leftovers.

CT Kitchen: Put on one-pot primavera and shawarma-spiced chicken | Food & Drink

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