The NZ Vegetarian Society is urging Kiwis to stop
eating fish for Plastic-Free July. Discarded fishing gear
accounts for a very high percentage of the ocean’s plastic
pollution. Fishing is also responsible for the death of
wildlife and destruction of natural

A report released last year
by Greenpeace
that lost and abandoned fishing gear makes up the majority
of plastic pollution in the world’s
. This is particularly harmful
for creatures who eat or get tangled in

NZ Vegetarian Society
spokesperson Philip McKibbin says that when we choose to eat
fish, we are complicit in environmental

“Eating fish is bad
for you, it’s awful for the fish, and it’s harmful to
the planet. If you’re eating fish, you’re helping to
fund an unsustainable industry and contributing to the
amount of plastic that finds its way into our oceans. If you
want to see a world without plastic pollution, one of the
best things you can do is stop eating

The fishing industry has a
devastating impact on wildlife. Last month
was reported
that a single New Zealand
fishing boat killed four endangered albatrosses – even
though it was operating within the law.

McKibbin says there are also compelling health reasons for
avoiding fish.

“Fish is typically high in
mercury and other toxins, so it’s better for you not to
eat it. There’s nothing you get from fish that you can’t
get from a plant-based diet. Check out our website for
recipes, and have a look at the veg options in your local

The NZ Vegetarian
Society is encouraging people of all ages to think through
the ethical implications of eating fish. School students who
are interested in learning more are encouraged to focus on
this for their Think Kind projects. The Think Kind Student
Competition is an annual competition which promotes kindness
to animals. Students can find more information here:

you’re looking for plant-based recipes, visit
Anyone who is considering giving vegetarianism a go can sign
up online for the 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge at:

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Stop Eating Fish For Plastic-Free July – NZ Vegetarian Society

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