Sandwich has been on our favourite snack list since forever. It is easy and yummy. But have you ever imagined an animal relishing the snack. Well, this has happened.

A buffalo was recently filmed being fed a sandwich. A video of the buffalo eating the sandwich and the recipe of the sandwich has been going viral on social media. A clip of it was posted on Instagram by user Amar Sirohi. He has his feed full of vegetarian food. He shares visuals of recipes and often shares recommendations for the places that serve the best food.

However, in an attempt to break the monotony, he decided to prepare a unique sandwich for a buffalo. In the video, we can see a sandwich being prepared, complete with Vitamin H to fulfill all the needs and keep the cattle healthy. When served with it, the buffalo gorged on it in one go.

While sharing the video, the user wrote, “WHY SHOULD HUMANS HAVE ALL THE FUN. I have been posting videos of various dishes that we humans eat/drink..this time i thought why not make a sandwich for our buffalo stuffing all her favourite food in between breads, so here it is- the Vitamin H Sandwich.”

The post has collected over 1 lakh views and more than 9k likes on Instagram alone, since shared.

This Buffalo Munching on a Sandwich Will Make You Miss the Fun of Eating Out

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