There are lots of health benefits to following a largely plant-based diet and now a new study has found getting your protein from plants may help you live longer. The US study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found swapping out beef for say a chickpea pattie appears to reduce your overall risk of early death and developing heart disease.

For the study, the researchers look at the results of a survey to figure out the outcome of getting your protein from plants or animals. They found those who chose plants over animals ended up less likely to have issues with their hearts.

However, the researchers said the research cannot prove that cutting down on meat or going vegetarian will directly help your chances, but instead thinks that it should provide evidence to support public health recommendations leaning more for veggie-based protein.

It’s no secret that veganism is becoming more and more popular, with many people opting to follow a plant-based diet — a far cry from the meat and three veg dinners most Baby Boomers grew up with. Generally, plant-based eating emphasises real, whole foods that come from plants, with few or no animal products.

Getting your protein from plants may reduce risk of early death, study finds

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