In 1995 there was a shortage of cranberries in Britain after Delia Smith included them in a duck recipe. Then, in 2002, there was a run on za’atar — a blend of spices and herbs — after Nigella Lawson used it in her za’atar chicken with fatoush.

This autumn, there’s every chance pilchards — yes, pilchards — are about to have a moment, thanks to their appearance in a recipe for mohinga, a Burmese fish noodle soup that features in The Rangoon Sisters, a new cookbook by Amy and Emily Chung.

Since 2013, the Chungs have made a name for themselves on the supper-club circuit in London, staging sell-out events while working full-time as doctors in east London. Emily specialises in sexual health and

The Rangoon Sisters: doctors cook up a remedy for little-known cuisine | Ireland

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