Sweet N Sour Tofu

Want to cook a tricolour dish at home? Look no further! We have sourced a recipe from India Grill, a multi-cuisine restaurant at Hilton Garden Inn, New Delhi, to meet your demands. Here’s how you can create Sweet N Sour Tofu with boiled okra and fried garlic. 

For tofu & okra: 1800 gm tofu (extra firm), 50 gm okra, 10 gm salt, 10 gm ginger slice
For sweet n sour sauce: 140 ml water, 30 gm tomato ketchup, 20 gm plum sauce, 20 gm sugar, 40 ml white vinegar, 5 gm corn starch
For garnish: fried garlic flakes

• Cut tofu lengthwise into a block. Put this Tofu in a steamer with ginger slices placed underneath. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes.
• Meanwhile, take a pan and prepare sweet n sour sauce by mixing all the ingredients and letting it boil. Thicken the sauce with cornstarch slurry.
• In a pan, boil some water, add remaining salt and okra (without cutting the edges) and let it cook. Remove and cut the edges (okra is boiled with edges to ensure that it doesn’t leave starch and turn sticky).
• On a plate, place the tofu, place boiled okra on top and pour sauce on top of it.
• Serve with fried garlic flakes on top

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