You could probably write a love letter, poem, and song to the classic, carb-filled savory pizza, but have you tried sweet dessert pizza before?

This take on the classic pie can be a new, fun way to do dessert. While some dessert pizza recipes overdose on added sugar and fat, there are so many ways to whip up a healthy dessert pizza. Make the crust out of a cookie base, whip it up with fiber-rich ingredients like oats and almond flour, or elect to keep it simple and use a wholesome tortilla as your crust.

Plus, you can easily tailor the toppings to your personal preferences: Try a Greek yogurt spread, top that with your favorite fruits, homemade nut butter “sauce,” or vegan coconut whipped cream. The possibilities are endless! Check out these healthy dessert pizza recipes for inspiration.

Dessert Pizza Recipes | Shape

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