No birthday would be complete without Marks and Spencer’s iconic Colin the Caterpillar cake. The celebration cake has become a firm favourite for offices and parties alike, but there’s always disappointment when it comes to one part of the treat – Colin’s solid white chocolate face. However, Marks and Spencer has put an end to the arguments with a new product that fans are calling a “game changer”.

One simply wrote “game changer” while others commented that the face was their favourite part. 

Another fan wrote: “Omg!!!!!! I’m going to get some tomorrow,” when they saw the news. 

Most people tagged their friends in the post to tell them of the new launch, while others revealed they had already used the faces to make their own party cakes. 

The Instagram user @bake_my_day.x shared a photo of milk chocolate cupcakes featuring the mini chocolate Colin faces. 

The cake features a chocolate sponge roll, filled with buttercream, and decorated with a cartoon-like caterpillar design with white chocolate “feet” and of course, the famous face. 

The Colin cake even has a celebrity fan base with David Beckham, Taylor Swift and Dame Judi Dench among those who have shared their favourite birthday cake on social media. 

Shoppers can also buy a whole set to mark the chocolate hero’s birthday on the Marks and Spencer website. 

The Colin’s 30th Birthday set is £25 and features three sweet bags including a vegetarian option, the new white chocolate faces, a pack of mini Colin the Caterpillar cakes and of course the main man himself, a full-sized Colin the Caterpillar chocolate cake. 

The set also comes with a gift bag, making it a perfect birthday present in itself. 

Marks and Spencer news: M&S launches Colin the Caterpillar mini faces

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