A DUNFERMLINE mum has hit out at Fife Council for their “lack” of veggie options on the new school menu.

Roza Karimova says her daughter has enjoyed a daily hot veggie meal for the last two years but new changes mean that’s now been reduced to just once a week on the menu set to run until October.

Fife Council have limited the school menu until half-term to help with social distancing while cooking and serving but have stressed that parents can request specific meals in an online form.

Roza, who eats a vegan diet along with her child, told the Press: “Just once a week she could have a hot meal, the rest of the time it will be a cheese roll according to the school menu.

“This discriminates against a lot of children with lots of different dietary requirements, not just veggie.

“It’s never really a problem anywhere else – everybody is very accommodating now but it appears not at school.

“I don’t want to take her out of school to get something to eat but also she is eligible for a free school meal so it feels like we’re stuck!

“When I’ve looked at other nearby councils, there doesn’t seem to be this problem and they’re making more of an effort.”

Roza contacted Fife Council explaining her anger that they had taken away the two options but has been left “appalled” at their response.

They replied in a Facebook message: “Ms Karimova – deciding to be vegan as an adult is a lifestyle choice – all children attending school meals are offered a choice of nutritionally-balanced food to keep growing children develop normally.”

Roza said: “I didn’t think they answered my question first of all but their reply was actually really offensive to me!

“I was just appalled at what they said – it was quite frankly very insensitive to my lifestyle.

“I thought they would at least say they would look into it but did absolutely nothing.

“It was myself that started looking at a vegan diet and when I adopted it, lifelong problems disappeared.

“My daughter started asking me more about it and decided she wanted to do it too.

“At home, we eat vegan but at school, she has the veggie option.

“The shame is that she has always loved her school meals!”

Fife Council service manager Keith Breasley commented: “Our aim is to provide all of our pupils with a choice of healthy food options in school.

“If a child has specific dietary needs, parents can request specific meals that meet their requirements using the form online.

“At this time, the safety of our staff and their customers is our first priority.

“This menu for primary pupils has been organised to help with appropriate distancing during food preparation and service, and to allow more sittings of less pupils.

“It is in place until the mid-term holiday when it will be reviewed and changes made if required.”

Mum calls out council for lack of veggie options

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