Indian food is basically so healthy that if the ethos associated with it is followed, then the person will never get sick in life. But this is not possible in today’s time. There are two main reasons for this, the first is the lack of correct information and the second is the absence of food and drink. Come, let us increase our information and know what things should not be eaten in the dinner, so that sleep will also be good and the pain does not have to be endured…

Fruit intake
Most of us like to eat fruits when food is not ready or there is no mood to eat. Because we have been told that fruits are very beneficial for health. But these fruits can become the cause of our disease if they are eaten at the wrong time.

-Fruits provide energy to our body. Generally all fruits have very high levels of natural sugar. Therefore, eating it during the day gives us energy. But if you eat fruit at night and sleep, then sleep will be disturbed as well as the next day will be full of fatigue and sadness.

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Why should one not eat fruits at night?

-Kheera works to keep the body cool. Reduces water deficiency in the body. In this season of dehydration, eating cucumber is very beneficial. Cucumber is cooled in taseer. Therefore, the body temperature is correct after eating it during the day.

-But if you eat it in salad during the night, then there may be a problem of stomach ache. People who have pain anywhere in the body, they should not forget to eat cucumber even at night. Otherwise, you will not be able to sleep due to pain overnight.

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Curd and Buttermilk
Both yogurt and buttermilk are very beneficial for the body. But in the rainy season, both curd and buttermilk should be avoided. During the rainy season, curd and buttermilk should not be consumed accidentally at night. Otherwise problems such as fever, stomach pain, sore throat or colds may occur.


Why not eat mushrooms at night?

-Mushroom is like a medicine at the time of corona infection. It is included in select vegetarian foods to obtain vitamin-D. But its digestion takes too long. Therefore, one should avoid eating mushrooms at dinner.

Eating mushrooms during the night can cause stomach gas, indigestion problems, stomach ache and morning motion problems.

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