Like most animals, horses are exploited by humans in numerous ways; however, many people think of them as pets or part of their family. Horses are loved by so many for their beauty, kindness, and grace. Because they are so large, horses need ample room to graze and gallop around. Thus, many horse owners have large fenced-in areas of land for their horses. While most people who come across these areas would smile at these majestic creatures and maybe take a picture, something much worse has been happening in France.

Across France, horses (and one donkey) have been found dead with severe mutilations. Following electrocution, being stunned, or blunt force trauma, the horses had to suffer torture such as having their genitals cut off and their eyes gouged out. Mutilated ears are one of the common factors among the victims.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been ten cases of this kind of torture. Unfortunately, police are not yet sure of the motivation for these terrible murders. This person is obviously extremely dangerous to horses and could also eventually harm other animals or even humans. They need to be found before anyone else has to suffer the way that these poor horses did. Sign this petition to urge France’s National Gendarmerie to put every effort towards finding whoever is responsible for this brutality. It must be made a priority!

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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Petition: Stop Mystery Animal Abuser From Mutilating, Torturing and Killing Horses in France

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