When I heard on the nightly news that there’s a shortage of pepperoni pizza across the country, as Americans comforted themselves with their favorite nap-inducing food, I thought: Ruh Roh. Lots of unhappy people going to be in a panic right about now. But the truth is that there are amazing versions of vegan pepperoni and vegan cheese pizza that can keep you more than satisfied, it can do it without requiring you to pop a cholesterol drug in the morning. The twist: Vegan pepperoni is so delicious you may not know the difference, and It’s actually better for you in every way than the meat version.

Processed and red meat, after all, has been linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and chronic inflammation — the kind that makes it even riskier if you get COVID-19 since these inflammatory conditions can lead to severe complications from the virus. So if you’re eating pepperoni pizza by the pie in order to quell your coronavirus anxiety, quit the pepperoni and you can quite the anxiety with it.

So instead of paying more for pepperoni, as Bloomberg suggests prices are going up as supplies are going down, or skipping the pepperoni and having plain cheese, try these vegan pizzas that The Beet highly recommends, and save your heart as well as your wallet:

Three Girls Creamery Vegan Pepperoni: Add this to your pizza at home

Check out their recipes for home-made super satisfying pizza here.

Amy’ Meatless Pepperoni Pizza with Organic Flour & Tomatoes: We’re stocking up


Daya Dairy-Free Vegan Pepperoni Pizza: Order this to have in the freezer

LightLife Meatless Veggie Pepperoni Pizza:  With 9 grams of protein

Veestro Meal Delivery Meatless Pepperoni Pizza Napoletana: Order a la carte

Bethehive.com makes a vegan pepperoni that you can order and add to your pie

Or head over to Double Zero, Matthew Kenney’s vegan Italian restaurant in New York’s East Village or Venice California, serves a Pepperoni Cashew Mozarella. Tomato Calabrian Chili Pizza

Or make these vegan pepperoni pizza recipes at home:

Or try this one:

Vegan Pepperoni Pan Pizza 

We love the look of a deep pan pizza. Pepperoni shortage? Don’t know, don’t care.

For more great vegan recipes, check out The Beet’s free recipe library here.



There’s a Pepperoni Shortage! Perfect Time to Try Vegan Pepperoni

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