From cool, fresh Vietnamese cuisine, to warm and gooey pupusas, to fluffy vegan pancakes, there is no shortage of comforting vegan and veggie takeout to get you through this unprecedented time in New Orleans.

Undeniably, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, including the restaurant industry. Now is a great time to treat yourself to a meal and support a beloved local restaurant.

Note: Be sure to disclose dietary restrictions or allergies when placing your order.

(Editor’s Note: Did we make a missed-steak? Lettuce know!! Email us if YOUR favorite vegan or vegetarian joint that didn’t make our list and we’ll add it.)

Ba Chi Canteen

In my humble opinion, the vegetarian bacos from Ba Chi Canteen are hands down the best vegetarian takeout in the city.

 If you have never had a baco from Ba Chi Canteen, stop what you’re doing and order one immediately.

 A baco is a soft steamed bun in the shape of a taco (hence the name). Each baco is stuffed with different sauces and fillings. The Honey Ponzu Tofu and the Creamy Spicy Tofu bacos are standouts, but you really cannot go wrong.

 On multiple occasions, I have been with friends who have finished their bacos and instantly ordered more. These small, puffy delicacies are addictive.

 The menu is divided into sections including vegetarian starters, vegetarian bacos, vegetarian entrees, and vegetarian poboys.

 Many dishes can be made vegan with a few substitutions—just ask when you order. For example, a lettuce wrap can be swapped for the regular baco shell, and certain sauces can be used to make vegan bacos.

From pho to rice dishes, there are dozens of options for everyone at Ba Chi Canteen, but whatever you do, do not skip the bacos.

Luca Eats

Coming in a very close second place for vegetarian takeout in my book is a little café called Luca Eats in Carrollton.

 If you need a vegan coffee pick-me-up, their oat milk latte cannot be beat!

I have tried vegan espresso drinks all over this city, and I can confirm that the oat milk latte from Luca Eats is #1!

 Luca Eats also offers delicious sandwiches, salads and breakfast items (served till closing time).

 If you eat dairy, the Pepper, Pepper, Pepper grilled cheese should not be missed! Their beautiful salads and their outstanding avocado toast should also be sampled.

Vegan Wit a Twist

Vegan Wit a Twist offers a 100% vegan menu with very creative recipes.

 Native Louisianian Crystal Leviness says, “If I got to give an award to the #1 best vegan takeout item in the city, it would be Vegan Wit A Twist’s charbroiled oysters. Growing up in southern Louisiana, I ate a lot of seafood, and it has been hard to replicate. Vegan Wit A Twist captures the essence of what makes a charbroiled oyster comforting: buttery, gooey and smokey. The oysters, made using mushrooms, are paired with a crusty French bread for scooping.”

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 Insider hint- This special dish is ONLY available through their DoorDash menu.

Lebanon’s Café

Lebanon’s Café has a humongous menu, and everything is very good. However, there is one item that you absolutely must order from Lebanon’s Café on Carrollton Ave.

 Lebanon’s Falafel Sandwich is without a doubt the highlight of their menu.

 Omnivores agree that this vegan pita sandwich is divine.

 It is quite affordable, and it is big, so it’s definitely an amazing value.

Tal’s Hummus

Tal’s Hummus on Magazine Street has a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian takeout offerings. Their pita and hummus is top-notch.

 A friend also told me about their legendary vegan chicken shawarma sandwich. She said it is often sold out, but it is very good if you can get your hands on one.

 Of course, I had to try one! I placed my order as soon as Tal’s opened to make sure they would not run out. Luckily, I was able to procure this coveted delicacy and it was an experience!

 This sandwich is a feast! It is awesome “vegan late-night college food.” It would be perfect after a night game of frisbee on the quad. This mondo sandwich is full of flavor, very saucy and piping hot.

La Macarena

The happy vibe at La Macarena Pupuseria and Latin Café will never fail to put a smile on your face. The building itself looks like a tropical rainbow.

 The executive chef, Manny Ochoa-Galvez often answers the telephone and hands you the order himself.

 When I called to place an order for a medley of vegan and vegetarian pupusas, he gleefully exclaimed, “oh, let me pick for you!” His selections did not disappoint! Pupusas are soft griddle cakes stuffed with ingredients such as beans, spinach, mushrooms and garlic.

 If you prefer something other than their famous pupusas, La Macarena has a whole menu dedicated to other vegan and vegetarian options.

Bearcat Café

New Orleanian and pancake connoisseur, Meg Allison, says that Bearcat Café’s vegan blueberry pancakes are the best vegan pancakes in the city.

 Ordering from Bearcat Café is a fun experience because you get to decide if you are going to be a “bad cat” and order from the less healthy side of the menu, or if you are going to be a “good cat” for the day and order from the healthier side. There are vegan and veggie options for the bad cats and the good cats!

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Angelo Brocato

Ok, let’s talk about dessert—the most important meal of the day.

 Angelo Brocato is a New Orleans institution and a treasure trove of goodies.

 This Sicilian gelateria and candy store has been operating in New Orleans since 1905. They have persevered through two world wars and Hurricane Katrina, so they are certainly not going to let COVID-19 stop them.

 If you know what you want, you can place an order online and simply dash in to pay and pick it up. Alternatively, you can stop by the store (in a mask) to peruse all of the glorious treats in person and pick out your selection.

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That’s Not All

here are so many more fabulous dishes to try!

 Once you get through these restaurants, check out the tofu dishes at Nine Roses and the veggie burritos at Juan’s Flying Burrito.

 Trilly Cheese Steak has tons of vegan sandwiches including a notable vegan buffalo cheesesteak.

 Kindred and Sweet Soul Food offer 100% vegan menus and specialize in vegan comfort food.

 The Cacio e Pepe from Sofia is another great choice for vegetarians as is the Crepe Oignon-Fromage from La Crepe Nanou. The Elote (Mexican street corn) from Del Fuego is a favorite for kids, and of course can be enjoyed by all ages.

 Satsuma Café , Café Abyssinia, Pizza Delicious, Pyramids Café, True Food Kitchen, and Carmo have a plethora of options for vegans and vegetarians alike.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more hidden gems out there. It’s a never-ending quest. Share your favorites with us!

 Stay safe and enjoy!

(Editor’s Note: Did we make a missed-steak? Lettuce know!! Email us if YOUR favorite vegan or vegetarian joint that didn’t make our list and we’ll add it.)

Our ultimate guide to the best vegan and vegetarian takeout in NOLA

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