The TJ’s crew managed to achieve the velvety and custard-like springy texture you might expect with an ingredient called Konjac. Konjac is described on the grocer’s site as “a type of plant that provides the creamy, cheesecake-like mouthfeel.” While the texture is on point, the taste seems to have mixed reviews. The Daily Waffle reviewers describe the taste as thin, having barely any tang, and less satisfying than a low-fat cheesecake. It was definitely a pass for them. 

Instagram reviewers are far more enthusiastic. Describes one happy taster, “Happy Dance, Happy Dance…y’all all I can say is #veganlicious. These NEW cheese-less cheesecakes from @traderjoes are out of this world.” Commenters agree sharing, “Oooo! Add a little strawberry compote on top and it’s a party,” and, “So good just bought chocolate sauce to put on top.”

Clearly cheesecake, and “cheesecake” too are a food where everyone has a strong opinion. You may love these new vegan desserts at first bite. For some, they may not be quite the right fit. What’s clear is that these are definitely worth a try on your next grocery trip.

Trader Joe’s just dropped a ‘cheesecake’ vegans love

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