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Good Plates Eatery is Clifton’s newest restaurant that we’ve all been dying to try out since they moved into the storefront previously home to Cilantro Vietnamese Bistro.

The brainchild of husband and wife team, Andrew and Jamie Schlanser, Good Plates Eatery opened on Aug. 12, with a mission to offer students “a taste of something familiar,” according to Cincinnati Magazine. As students, we decided to check it out ourselves.



From the second you walk in, the restaurant feels “so fresh and so clean.” With white walls, dark wood, geometric accents and real plants throughout, the space is sleek, simple and sharp. They don’t allow themselves dark corners to hide grime or carpets to collect crumbs. Seating includes both high top and low top tables, along with limited outdoor seating. 



We asked for the best vegetarian option and the best non-vegetarian option to try a variety of dishes. We were presented with the brussel and shroom quinoa bowl and the smash burger. 

The bowl is filled to the top with roasted brussel sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, feta, crouton crumbles and tossed with balsamic vinaigrette. The flavors are dynamic and interesting, and the bowl is filling and satisfying. 

“It doesn’t feel like an afterthought when oftentimes vegetarian options do,” said TNR’s photographer, Alex Martin. 

If you ask for the bowl without feta, it becomes vegan friendly, or for an extra boost of protein, add chicken for $3. 

Good Plates Eatery (2 of 2)

The smash burger is pressed flat, but still juicy. The two patties are smothered in cheddar cheese and served on a bun that is cloud-like in its fluffiness. The burger is served with pickles and drizzled with their house burger sauce, which is “a combination of every sauce you would think to put on a burger,” according to the server. 

While they don’t explicitly offer vegan options, many of the dishes are easily adjustable to fit any diet while staying delicious. 



One of the most unique things about the eatery is their selection of canned sodas, ranging from classics like Big Red and Ale 8 to trendy picks like limoncello La Croix and strawberry Bubly. They also offer iced tea and iced coffee. They will soon feature beers from small local breweries and canned cocktails like Bloody Marys and Moscow Mules. 



Entrees run from $7.50 to $9, with sides and desserts ranging from $1.50 to $3. Decent prices, sure, but huge portions. If you’re starving, you’ll leave stuffed. If you have a small appetite, you’ll leave with leftovers. Add a can from the soda collection for only $1.50. 

You can get paid to eat there by coming up with an idea for a sandwich or bowl. According to their menu, “Send [your idea] to If we use your idea, we’ll let you name it and give you a gift card!”

Overall, we think that Good Plates Eatery will be a great addition to the Clifton area, offering something delicious and satisfying for everyone, no matter your taste or diet. 

Good Plates Eatery

235 West Mcmillan 

Cincinnati OH 45219


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