Castellana debuts a new vegetarian set menu featuring the summer’s best produce from Italy and Japan as interpreted by chef Marco Sacco, a specialist of Piedmontese cuisine. Opened in 2019, Castellana highlights classic dishes and ingredients from the Piedmont region of Italy, a mountainous area that embraces richer flavours in dishes such as meaty braises and pasta courses. Among the restaurant’s most popular signature dishes is the homemade tagliolini ‘Au Koque’ carbonara sauce and Vigezzo valley cured ham.

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The new Castellana Garden Seasonal Menu brings attention to the origins and characteristics of each of the key harvest ingredients, while the overall flavour profile of the dishes are generally lighter. The menu encourages guests to learn more about and appreciate the uniqueness of every Italian seasonal produce highlighted, with new dishes such as grilled porcini mushrooms with Italian black garlic and Piedmont hazelnut crumble, and fregola pasta with porcini both focusing on the season’s fresh porcini mushrooms, celebrated for its meaty texture and rich, earthy flavour.

Castellana also brings a twist on the original Caprese salad by adding Pantelleria capers to Ligurian basil leaves, heirloom tomatoes, and burrata cheese. The beloved capers of Pantelleria are grown, harvested, and cured in salt in Tuscany; tiny and potent, the preserved flower buds, when used sparingly, bring out the sweetness of tomatoes and basil.

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Castellana Launches New Seasonal Vegetarian Menu

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